Patented, Seeking investment.

Themed Designs are extensive for the Wedding Chariot. All Personalized in Font and language of choice with color matching streamers which bring attention to this Glorious Event.
100 plus years of Tradition Decorating the Wedding Vehicle. Occasional Streamers does it BEST!
It is important to recognize the amount of spending per wedding. Decorating is an important detail for that "Perfect Wedding"......Once viewed you will have to return to
Please be sure to visit Retailing Pricing page and our Ribbon Flags page. Madison Avenue, the advertising capital of the world says "if the product is not seen, what's the point"? Occasional Streamers products are seen!

The only source of magnetic signs with streamers!



Answer is: This patent, manufacturing processes, wholesale and retail product marketing techniques have not come about on the back of a napkin! It has taken a lot of time, expense, preperation and learning to finally be at a point where this venture has a solid foundation to expand exponentially. 

Positive cash flow in three months from startup!

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"In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

                                              Theodore Roosevelt



Hundreds of designs ready to produce and market.

Production view Set of Air Force pennants without streamers, and Air Force end caps. {Custom streamers will be attached at the gold ball on the flag pole} Click to enlarge.

Although I have spent much time and thousands of dollars to effectively produce procedures to manufacturer and market countless products for Weddings, Birthdays, New-Borns, Pro-sports, High school Graduation and school sport products and American Flag Pennants. {The list is extraordinary.}                  I unfortunately do not have the capital to purchase the necessary equipment and inventory to bring this product to market. Everything has been addressed. Once funded, production and marketing will immeditely commence to many lucrative markets.

This is a SAMPLE rendition of a NASCAR style pennant. All teams will have complete control of image content provided for their millions of fans. NASCAR has over 75 million registered fans.

Extraordinary investment return with just one market! Imagine return on over 20 plus product markets!

Family members and others would proudly display this beautiful pennant with its extended FD end cap all over town.

I am located in Vero Beach, Florida.

I have a very in depth business plan, also a number of finished samples.

The techniques I have developed for production of this product are both remarkable and fast.

Each product category will be marketed in its own distinctive way. Strategies are in place.

In-house wholesale and retail of products.

With equipment and inventory in place, thousands of orders can be produced a week {with limited employees, which I am one}. Expansion can increase 10x's before a larger facility is necessary.

Occasional Streamers products are designed to make everyone SMILE!
This 10.5 x 16.5 inch magnet will arrive personalized as a set of two { one for each side of vehicle} with attached attention getting streamers. ONLY $24.95!
4 million birthdays in each age group.
This figure does not include school supported sport activities.
Birthday magnets, {rectangle magnets} products are sold in sets of TWO, one for each side of your vehicle. $24.95 two piece set {personalized, name and age} double click to enlarge.

"Provide a lasting memory with Occasional Streamers elegant magnets"

Click image to enlarge. Shown is a two piece set for vehicle trunk lids.

Occasional Streamers wedding magnets are exquisite in design and quality, they also are the most affordable, each and every product arrives personalized and assembled. 

Wedding products available as sets of two or four, {depending on your vehicle style.}

2.4 Million weddings annually, spending an average of $27,000.

In-house retail of our four piece set, $49.95, two piece set $24.95. A treasured keepsake.

Two piece trunk lid in spanish.
Over 500 product designs will be posted on our initial web site...New categories and designs will constantly be added.
Flag with Liberty End Cap
Sold as sets of two, one for each side of the vehicle....maximum exposure!
U S Marines and End Cap
24 million US Veterans
Occasional Streamers has 19 High School pennant product designs complete...School name and Logo inserted by customer, sold wholesale, low cost and quantity.
After initial startup 3D images will be available for many products. Add photo text
Viewed sport samples are not posted in High Definition.
Each design will be produced and printed in the highest resolution possible. This temporary site will not allow 100plus MB files.
Images on Merchant site WILL BE in High definition.
Logos and School name inserted online by customer.
Pennants shipped with school color streamers attached.
All pennant sets include Apple Earth End Caps.
Minimum order is 15 sets
Small quantities provide access for all organizations to obtain this keepsake product.
25,000 High Schools with 14-27 sport type programs.
15,000 Middle/ Junior High Schools with sport programs.
Logo and color choice personalized online by customer. Streamer color selected by customer.
Two piece trunk design
Customer will personalize product online. Available in most any language.
SAMPLE ONLY! 4,236 Colleges and Universities.
College licensing process will begin once funded. Custom APPLE EARTH END CAPS {not shown} also provided for College pennant products.
Grad Caps with tassels
Grad cap frames are an indoor product. Zodiac are birthday designs.
This design and other fundraiser products will be truly affordable to fundraisers. Actual size 7.5 X 14.5 in sets of two
High School/ College
Clubs at High School can purchase this and other sport designs in small quantities.Pennant products include APPLE EARTH END CAPS, and school color streamers.
Birth date and month will be printed by Occasional Streamers. Customer also picks streamer colors.
New Born
4 Million births a year. 300,000 a month


Flag pennants are 7.5 X 17.5 with added End Cap. Click image to enlarge.

Occasional Streamers has nine {9} American flag pennant sets and an outstanding marketing approach to place flag pennants in the hands of millions of Patriotic Americans.

Occasional Streamers has other products for many conventional fundraisers and will create whatever the customer might request, all in movable quantities and price points.

This inhouse machine can produce 2,500 clear clamshell packages a day.
Magnet die cutter
Every shape of product will have a percision die. Currently over 50 shapes.
Cannon 5045
Prints superior quality images at the rate of 45 sheets per minute {24/7}
One of four major components necessary for production
Cutter will finish clamshell package and also cut shapes from magnet sheeting saving lots of money.
Pennant set clamshell package
This clamshell product will prevent magnets from getting dogged eared. Currently we have three designs, as our product line expands so will our packaging design
Wedding, Birthday rectangle magnet sets packaging
Product shipped in this protective in-house produced package will arrive to the customer fully assembled.
Graduation cap package
Graduation frames will arrive to the customer fully assembled and in pristine condition, shipped in our own in house produced clamshell.
This is where Occasional Streamers can be in less than 18 months
Organizations can help design their own End Cap.
The U. S. A. is diverse with Spanish, German, French and many other ethnic groups who have ethnic themed weddings. {approximately 44}
Custom made rex-lace streamers are used on all pennant products. {not curling ribbon}
Also great toting around town going for pizza after the big win.
Streamers will match teams jerseys.
Graphic design is limitless
Wholesaled in small quantities for team members.....other themes like Band and football will be larger sales.
Each pennant product will arrive to the customer with APPLE EARTH END CAPS, conveying school spirit, team pride, and commitment to community and planet.
25,000 High Schools with team sports. 14-19 sport related activities per school. Pennant Streamer colors will match school colors.
15,000 Junior High Schools also have many sport activities. Our niche is to provide limited orders to thousands of teams.
Designs for High School will carry over to the College market. Colleges however can change all aspects of image in the confines of magnet perimeter.
This end cap magnet set arrives with all school pennant products. One for the right and left pennant.
Sold in sets of two with customer choice of streamer color, also day and month imprinted by Occasional Streamers.
10.5 X 16.5 inches. Fantastic reusable keepsake.
Products for thousands of groups and diverse organizations.
Applies effortlessly to the side of the Wedding Chariot
School name imprinted on background area.
Thousands of image variations of this "Ribbon" product. Once Streamers are attached to this ribbon style product, it will open our porfolio to "thousands" of designs for small and very large markets. {visit Ribbon page}
Sample End Cap: Organizations participating in sales can help design End Caps depicting their commitment to our Veterans. This End Cap is interchangeable with our service branch end cap. {shown above is a production design template}
Doing their small part.
The above list is only a fraction of markets Occasional Streamers will enter. {Data provided by Simmons Survey Group}
Vehicle decorating, elegant and affordable.
Bride & Groom name insertion completed on-line by customer. Also, "Just Married" in the language of their choice.
We also have a strategy on how to enter many diverse markets throughout Europe
Please also go to website "TALK FUSION" and only view their types of products. Occasional Streamers is NOT interested in their sales techniques of obtaining reps. We are only interested in using certain aspects of their products, which will be fantastic for our use.
within six months of startup we will begin to provide 3D image products on magnets that will completely blow any type of competition out of the water in price and quality.
Talk Fusion logo will not be on our templates.... Occasional Streamers Logo will be promoted. Video email allows easy access to our e-commerce site.
Possibilities are infinite!
Kind regards, please visit the next two pages, listed at the top
Donald Buhler