Occasional Streamers Retail/Wholesale Price

Retail price of some of our Streamer products. Huge profit margins for all of our products..

   2pc Wedding          4pc Wedding       2pc Birthday/other     1 set School sport {4pcs}     1 set pennant Flags {6pcs}

   {$24.95}            {$49.95}         {$19.95}                  {$14.99}                      {$10 }

The "inhouse online retail price" in BLUE reflects pricing that will enable Occasional Streamers to be very profitable, yet no other competitor can challenge.

                                            INHOUSE MANUFACTURING

cost: $5.00         cost: $10.00        cost: $5.00                cost: $2.00               cost: $2.00

                                                                               minimum 15 sets        minimum 9 sets

ORGANIZATIONS: Ribbon Flags for fundraising. Unique marketing strategies in place. Thousands of designs and market venues.

As mentioned earlier there are 2.4 million yearly weddings, average cost $27,000, spending $24.95 or $49.95 to decorate the wedding chariot in style is very affordable.

7.5 trillion dollars are spent yearly for a host of birthday and other holidays.{pop.320 million}

75,000 public and private schools that average 14-19 school activities {football, cheer, band, soccer, etc.} tens of millions of renewable students. {46 million}

Our American Flag product will be received with open patriotic arms nation wide. {24 million Veterans}

Marketing strategies are in place.

Please also keep in mind, after initial start-up, product venues such as Major League sports and Colleges will be added.

All of our products are in renewable markets.

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Apple Earth End Caps will be available for all school and College pennant products.
These images are samples ONLY......Apple Earth Cap available for all College pennants
Top 30 College Stadiums
17 million yearly college students, millions of alumni, millions of proud parents supporting school spirit and affiliation.
Millions of College Students and FANS
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